Bombing of Dresden

In their books horror-stricken American historians very often raise the following question: what would have happened if Hitler had had an atomic bomb? They put the blame on the Fuhrer claiming he would have used it ruthlessly if he had had one, because he is such a rascal in their conclusion. But the fact that it was not Hitler, but the USA itself that used the atomic bomb in the first place, as soon as it fell into its hands, somehow stands aside from these bogeyman stories.

12 Декабрь 2015|Isaev Maksim translated by Karandeeva Anastasia and Kiryukhina Yaroslava

A Defeated Germany

In the last days of the war, Charles Lindbergh was sent to Germany to collect information about the new German aircraft that the Luftwaffe had developed, such as the fighter jet and rocket-powered aircraft. He arrived in Germany a few days after its surrender and travelledaround in search of information. He kept a journal of observations, givingus some idea of ​​the nation which had sought to conquer the world, but was crushed as a result of defeat in the war.

7 Октябрь 2015|Lindberg Charles translated by Karandeeva Anastasia

Caricatures by Kukriniksy: the art of unmasking metaphor

Mamontov`s gallery presents a unique collection of satirical works made by outstanding Soviet graphics and artists of the 20th century – masters of political satire known under the pseudonym «Kukriniksy». These works were brought from Mamontov`s collection, which is one of the largest private collections of Kukriniksy`s works. About 100 authentic drawings and posters are exhibited there.

5 Август 2015|Saliyenko Aleksandra translated by Karandeeva Anastasia